This Pest Control Company Will Pay A Hefty Price To Exterminate Shia LaBeouf's Rattail

$10,000 is on the line.

Attention, Shia LaBeouf! Pest control company Terminix has a very important message for you: They saw your new rattail, and they're extremely concerned about it.

"At Terminix, we keep our eyes on all things pest-related," Michael Wassmer, who works in communications at Terminix/Servicemaster, wrote to MTV News in an email. "When we heard about this ratty trend making its way back into pop culture from the '80s, we wanted to treat it like we do actual rats -- by stopping it in its tracks."

Exterminators are known for their rat-eliminating skills, and apparently by extension that includes rattails. And Terminix, being the world's largest pest control company, fully intends to hold up their end of the deal if Shia ditches the braid.

"This is a completely sincere offer," Wassmer promised us. "If Shia removes his rat tail and recommends a charity, Terminix will happily write a $10,000 check to support his cause of choice."

Whoa. You hear that, Shia? Your rattail has the mighty power to do good! To help the world! To save the planet!

...but only if you cut it off.

We asked Wassmer if the company has similar views regarding man buns, because Hollywood loves a good man bun.

"Terminix supports all sorts of haircut choices, but won’t stand for pest-inspired 'dos. We have a no-tolerance policy for rat tails."

This sounds reasonable enough to us. So what will you decide, Shia? Will the rattail stay or go? The world needs to know.

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