This Exclusive 'Paper Towns' Deleted Scene Will Teach You How To Get The Girl

Be your un-awesome self.

The eternal question: how do you get someone you like to like you back?

That's the question that Ben (Austin Abrams) asks Radar (Justice Smith) and Quentin (Nat Wolff) in this exclusive deleted scene from John Green's "Paper Towns," hitting DVD and Blu-ray October 20.

"Why don't you ask the girl from Saskatchewan to like you back?" Quentin teases, bringing up Ben's fictional girlfriend. "Maybe you should start there."

Let's just say that in the throes of adolescent despair, this doesn't go over so well. And, to make it even more fun, the scene has unfinished effects, so the gang is driving through a vast green nothingness out the window.

In the end, the boys' advice is fairly simple: be yourself. Your totally un-awesome self.

Check out the clip above and see if you agree with their dating techniques.

"Paper Towns" hits DVD and Blu-ray October 20.

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