'Married To Jonas' Doesn't Gloss Over Kevin And Danielle's 'Tough Times'

'I think the show itself has really taught us how to connect,' Kevin told MTV News.

In the first season of "Married to Jonas," fans got a glimpse at what life was really like for Danielle Deleasa and oldest Jonas Brother, Kevin, as the two balanced both their professional and personal lives.

Now, as the reality E! series gears up for season two on Sunday, fans will get a first-hand look at the Jonas Brothers return to the music scene after a three-year hiatus and Danielle looking to branch off and work on her own projects.

"The second season is a lot more in depth," Kevin told MTV News during "Jonas Brothers: Live from MTV." "We go to South America, you come with us, you get to see a little bit more of the behind the scenes of me and my brothers hangin' out and me and Dani, and Dani getting to do individual things, which is cool."

Of course, we cannot forget about Danielle's wildly entertaining family, who, in this season, have moved in with the couple. In a new clip for the series, Danielle's father claims, "we're looking to stay here for two weeks, but it may wind up going three months."

So how does Kevin feel about having to be in such close quarters with his in-laws?

"They ended up selling the home they were in and building another one," Kevin explained. "They thought it was going to take more time than it did. I was going on the road and was like, 'Look Dani, if they need a place to stay,' like you do with family. That's just what you do, and they are living in the house still."

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Despite the extra house guests and having cameras capture his every move, Kevin, who has been married to Danielle since 2009, admits that being on a reality television show has only strengthened his marriage.

"There are tough times. There are good times. I think the show itself has really taught us how to connect," Kevin said. "When things are really uncomfortable and you have to talk about things, sometimes you want to brush things under the rug and with a show like this you kind of can't because you are going to end up watching it a couple months later, but if you are going to see it later it's better to talk about it a lot earlier."

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