Game Reaches Out To 50 Cent For G-Unit Reunion

'Let it b known I extended an olive branch,' the ousted G-Unit member writes in series of tweets.

Hate it or love it, the Game has extended an olive branch to 50 Cent again.

The ousted G-Unit member took to his Twitter account on Thursday, firing off a round of mea culpas directed at his former boss apparently hoping to reunite with the Queens-based group, including former member Young Buck.

"@50cent Aye n---a, get on twitter & let's get this sh-- movin !!! G-G-G-G- well, you know the rest," Game wrote. "@50cent All it take is 'ONE PHONE CALL'! U call me, I call BUCK, tell Banks holla at Yayo & dat puts HIP HOP @ OUR MERCY! #UknowUcdisN---A. Anybody don't like it, F--- YALL!!!"

Fif has dismissed Game's previous attempts at a reunion as publicity stunts. This time around, however, the California MC says his heartfelt comments are coming from a clear state of mind. Perhaps as proof of his sincerity, Game acknowledged for the first time that 50 wrote the hook on "How We Do."

"Naw, I'm not drunk. IM SOBER AS F--- holla'n @ a n---a str8 up. If it never happen, SO WHAT !!! But let it b known I extended an olive branch. Call me bi-polar, call me a fake blood... call my lyrics trash, I'll TAKE IT, It dont mean SH--. If that's how u feel say it 'I LOVE IT'!!! I RESPECT MY HATERS JUST AS MUCH AS MY FANS."

Unlike past attempts, the Game's most recent barrage of tweets elicited a response from the G-Unit general.

"Who's is he talking about?" Fif asked. "What are you guys talking about? I dont talk to game. I have had no communication with him in years."

Last month, 50 reiterated his thought that Game was playing an old trick, looking to use him as a launching pad to get his The R.E.D. album off the ground.

"I heard that," Fif told Hot 97 about Game wanting to re-join G-Unit. "It was six songs, they put out six joints and ain't nothing buzzing. They thought anti-50 as opposed to pro-50. You know what I think? I think once I stopped arguing, the interest dropped. Because as long as there's an argument, you're as interesting as the people you're actually arguing with."

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