'Amazing Spider-Man': Holland Roden Shoots Down Mary Jane Casting Rumors

The 'Teen Wolf' star tells MTV that she hasn't auditioned for the role, despite Internet rumors to the contrary.

SAN DIEGO — Holland Roden might occasionally sport copper-colored hair, but that doesn't mean the "Teen Wolf" star is next in line to play one of pop culture's most famous redheads. Despite what the Internet might say, the actress tells MTV News that she's not planning on joining "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" prequel as Mary Jane Watson.

"I got about five phone calls in one day congratulating me," Roden told us during MTV's San Diego Comic-Con live stream, but the well-wishes were premature since she hasn't even auditioned for the role. Shailene Woodley was originally cast as Peter Parker's love, but after the "Divergent" star shot her scenes, her role was cut from the film and rumors are flying that she will actually be replaced when MJ makes her debut in the third "Spider-Man" film.

Since it's unclear whether Woodley will still play the role, there's still a chance that Roden could snag the iconic part, but right now it's just a rumor that persists thanks to a well-meaning pal. "One of my very, very, very best friends didn't decide to consult me before he [talked about it]," she said. "We're both in the business but we don't necessarily talk about the business, so I think he just assumed it was true and he said it in an interview and then it spread like wildfire."

The actress wanted to clear things up on Twitter, but her publicist advised her that it would probably cause more confusion — which is probably true, judging from the reaction of several of Roden's "Teen Wolf" costars. Definitively, though, the rumor is false, Roden explained: "I've never read for 'Spider Man!' "

"The Amazing Spider-Man 3" isn't scheduled to hit theaters until 2016 — "2" doesn't come out until 2014, for pete's sake — so there's still some time for Roden to put her hat in the ring.

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