Billie Eilish Was Literally Ballin' In Her All-Gucci Fit

But was she really feeling her sporty style?

Is there such a thing as too much Gucci? Billie Eilish seems to think so.

The "bad guy" singer debuted a look that found her decked out in the designer from head to toe, complete with an accessory that all but ensured her fit was a slam dunk: a basketball purse.

The Gucci-print basketball hung suspended from the singer's shoulder with a length of gold chain, matching her red, black, and gold outfit complete with a deep red scarf and crimson shades in a recent Instagram post. Billie's now-signature lime green roots and black hair topped it all off. But it seems like maybe Billie didn't really think she had done her best when it comes to fashion here as she posed outside a balcony in London.

"one of the worst outfits ive ever put together," she captioned her snap. Of course, this could just be trademark Billie sarcasm. But honestly, we're feeling the look, because that basketball purse is actually straight fire. What's in your basketball purse, Billie? Does it hold all of the amazing song ideas floating around in your head? Looks pretty roomy.

Of course, the overall look is nothing new for Billie. She's basically the queen of athleisure, typically opting for an oversized shirt, basketball shorts, and some tight kicks. She did the same here, even wearing a pair of matching socks to bring it all home. That's a lot of red, we gotta say.

It's truly the year of powerful purses, or at least it has been. Billie rocking this unique and edgy bag is almost like Lizzo debuting her tiny Valentino bag during the American Music Awards. Same energy, honestly. Let's all go into 2020 with that same commanding presence, no matter what kind of purses we're rocking. Though, not gonna lie...that basketball purse is a must-have accessory.

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