Taylor Swift Is An Invisible Dancing Queen In New ‘Delicate’ Video

This is *so* Old Taylor

Thus far, Taylor Swift’s Reputation era has given us cinematic visuals packed with fierce attitude, robots, celebrity friends, and booze-fueled parties. But for her new video for “Delicate,” Swift decided to take things in a sillier, softer, and more... well... delicate direction.

Directed by Swift’s go-to director Joseph Kahn, the vid shows us the lonely side of being a world-famous celebrity who’s constantly stared at and followed and sought after (think major Britney Spears “Lucky” vibes). But when Swift suddenly becomes invisible, she’s free to just be herself without the expectation of being Taylor Swift, Pop Star. That glorious freedom inspires her to break out into dance, and she proceeds to cut a rug barefoot around a hotel, in a subway station, and even outside in a total downpour.

Eventually, she wanders into a bar (a “dive bar on the East Side,” no doubt), where she appears to spot a certain someone she’s been looking for. And there’s that little hint of romance we so desperately wanted.

The “Delicate” video premiered during the iHeartRadio Music Awards on Sunday night (March 11), right after Swift won the prize for Female Artist of the Year. She explained in a video message that she wasn’t able to attend the awards show because she’s rehearsing for her Reputation tour, but a brand new video isn’t a bad consolation prize.

Oh, and before you go, why not take one last look at Swift’s myriad of dorky faces, in GIF form? You need that. We all need that.


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