Jonas Brothers Debut New Songs At Reunion Show (Is One About Miley?)

During high-spirited Radio City gig, Nick introduces 'uncomfortable' song called 'Wedding Bells' about an ex tying the knot.

NEW YORK -- The Jonas Brothers' big [article id="1695339"]reunion show at Radio City Music Hall[/article] wasn't just a celebration of where they've been, but also where they're headed.

After a hiatus spent pursuing solo endeavors, the trio stormed the stage at the famed Big Apple venue on Thursday, much to the delight of their rabid, screaming fans. They cruised through a catalog of tunes that ranged from the old all the way to the never-before-heard, offering up a tease of what their in-the-works next album will sound like -- including a track that just might be about Nick Jonas' high-profile ex Miley Cyrus.

Before they played their first song, audio played of headlines about the band's rumored breakup and record-label shakeup. The JoBros laid all those worries to rest once they kicked off the night with their power ballad "When You Look Me in the Eyes." The track served as a love letter to their fans, and the romantic lyrics took on a whole new meaning.

Their harmonies were tight and the guys were definitely relaxed, given the amount of time they spent apart professionally. Next up was "Much Better," before Joe wondered aloud, "What do you say we take this old-school?" "Hold On," "Just the Way We Roll and "Fly With Me" were up next.

"We've had the privilege to tour with some amazing people. They stood behind us through good and bad. I think it's time they get their chance to shine," Joe said, and the bandmembers got their moment to sing "Turn Right" with the brothers backing them.

The energy was at its max, but it busted the dial by the time Joe played his Fast Life solo track "Just in Love." Nick's solo work got some time as well when the guys performed his "Who I Am."

"Now we feel like we have some new music for you," Joe said, sharing that they've spent six months recording.

Nick said he was "extremely nervous" about this comeback show -- except for playing new music. The first new track they teased was the fast-paced, clubby "Let's Go." "So let's go/ ... Give 'em something to remember/ If you're with me/ Let me know/ So let's go."

After "Paranoid," it was time for another new one. "It feels like the right time," Kevin said. "I have to say thank you for letting us live some life so we can come back to you."

"This new song is all about taking advantage of those moments and making them truly special," Nick shared of "First Time."

The track has a quick tempo and a dark undercurrent in the beat: "This is a thrill of a lifetime/ What a night for a good time/ ... Make it feel like the first time/ Come on, let it set you free/ Right here right now." Showing just how much they are growing, Kevin even gets a quick singing solo on the song.

"Still in Love With You" and "Last Time Around" were among the next set of tracks, ahead of their cover of "Falling Slowly" from the movie and Broadway show "Once," which included brightly colored scarves flowing in front of them, looking almost like ballerinas.

Several moments later, things got real -- like, really real.

"We're in the process of recording a new album, which is both good and bad," Nick confessed, adding that the bad means you have to "dive into subjects that make us uncomfortable and write about them. ... You have to write a song and apologize for it later. I don't think I've ever written a song that makes me as uncomfortable as this song does. Some things happened in the last year that affected me in that moment. ... This song is called 'Wedding Bells.' " (While it's yet to be confirmed who Nick is singing about, his ex [article id="1695339"]Miley Cyrus did coincidentally get engaged[/article] earlier this year to "Hunger Games" actor Liam Hemsworth.)

On the slow jam, Nick sings, "She says, 'Can you keep a secret/ A ceremony's set for June/ I know it's a rush, but I just love him so much/ I hope that you can meet him soon.' " On the chorus, he sings, "I don't want to love, if it's not you/ I don't want to hear the wedding bells bloom/ Maybe we can try one last time/ But I don't want to hear the wedding bells chime."

After that confessional moment, the night came to a close with the guys recalling some of the biggest tracks of their career, including "A Little Bit Longer," "Lovebug" and "SOS."

The encore ended the night the only way a JoBros show could with their searing, high-energy hit "Burning Up." After lingering on the stage for multiple bows, the guys finally said goodbye. But considering how pumped the room was for their return, it probably won't be for long.

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