Justin Bieber's 'Worst' Week: From A Bad Birthday To A Paparazzi Scuffle

MTV News takes a look back at Bieber's 'awfully' eventful week.

As far as weeks go, Justin Bieber hasn't had the best one. It all kicked off last Friday, when he was in London celebrating what turned out to be his "worst" birthday yet and it hasn't gotten better since.

With Bieber trying to put the focus back on his music and his Believe tour, MTV News is rounding up just what went down with the often-shirtless pop start this week. Take a breath, things are about wild -- like, [article id="1702952"]Olivia Wilde[/article] wild.

"Worst birthday"

It was the tweet heard round the world! Bieber called his circus-themed party the [article id="1702924"]"worst birthday."[/article] The singer says he left the party thanks to "dummies" who made it difficult for him to hang out in the club. The club tells a different story, noting that the entourage was asked to leave after several underage partygoers (including Jaden Smith) arrived.

Tardy to his concert

In another case of he said/she said, [article id="1703012"]Bieber apologized[/article] for arriving to his Monday night show at the O2 Arena late. And while some reports pegged the delay at around 2 hours, the teen singer insisted it was only 40 minutes. Regardless, he owned up to the delay and said there "no excuse" for it.

"Rumors, rumors and more rumors"

By Wednesday, Bieber already had a [article id="1703120"]host of rumors to shut down[/article] about his time in London. During the Twitter spree, Bieber thanked his fans for sticking by his side, noting, "I understand it is part of the job to be judged...but judge me on the facts, judge me on the music."

Take a breather

Just when it seemed like Bieber's week couldn't take any more unexpected turns, on Thursday night he [article id="1703252"]collapsed onstage[/article], mid-show. Post-show he headed to the hospital, where he [article id="1703278"]recuperated, shirtless[/article]. Despite the health scare, he vowed to [article id="1703260"]take the stage[/article] for his last night at the O2 on Friday.

High-stakes drama

The most intense moment of the week came Friday morning when Bieber got into a [article id="1703282"]verbal altercation with the paparazzi[/article]. He nearly came to blows with them, lunging at the paps and throwing down the F-word. His bodyguard restrained him, and after some back and forth, he eventually got into his car and left the scene.

Editor's Note

As of press time on Friday, Bieber was still slated to take the stage at the O2 Arena in London. He has the weekend off before he takes the Believe tour to Lisbon, Portugal on March 11. Given just how intense this week has been, may we suggest he take some time for himself. Shirtless, or otherwise.