Justin Bieber And Jaden Smith Perform ‘Never Say Never’ Together Just Like Old Times

The dynamic duo reunited at Madison Square Garden for the first time since 2010

The last time Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith performed together at Madison Square Garden, they were both still kids just figuring out how to be famous. Now, seven years later, they’ve recreated that iconic moment on Bieber’s Purpose tour.

Justin invited his pal Jaden to make a surprise appearance at New York’s Madison Square Garden Tuesday night (July 19) during “Never Say Never.” Jaden’s original MSG duet made the cut of Bieber’s 3-D concert film of the same name back in 2011.

On Instagram, Bieber posted a photo of himself hugging Smith in front of a sea of adoring fans. “Love you brother man,” he wrote. Smith shared the same photo with the caption, “I Love You Big Bro Thank You.”

Both artists have done a lot of growing up in the years since their initial MSG collab, but their friendship has stayed strong.