Deadmau5 Is Selling His Nyan Cat Ferrari For $380K… On Craigslist

And he'll throw in an iPod full of Nyan's tunes for free.

There's never been anything I've needed more.

Deadmau5 is selling his Ferrari on Craigslist. (Which, by the way, Craigslist, dude?) But what makes this transaction even better? The car is decked out with Nyan cat.

Remember Nyan? She's the pixelated cat who would float endlessly through space, Pop-Tart as a body, a rainbow trailing behind her. And don't forget that song that never ended.

The EDM star calls the car "Purrari" and is donating anything over the list price -- a whopping $380,000 -- to the Toronto Humane Society. According to the producer, the 2013 Ferrari 458 Spider (base price for this model is usually around $260K, but, you know, this is custom) is in excellent condition with 6,500 miles and "purrs like a nyancat."


Along with throwing in an iPod full of Nyan's songs, Deadmau5, born Joel Thomas Zimmerman, says there'll be more to the deal:

"AND we will personally invite the buyer to Toronto to come and film a 'farewell purrari' coffee run with me. :D (so basicly it comes with a free tim hortons coffee that youll have to pay for anyway)," he wrote.

If you've ever had Tim Hortons, you know that's worth it. So get bidding.


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