Freeway And Girl Talk Make The Most GIF-Worthy Video Ever

We've created 10 gruesome GIFs after watching Girl Talk and Freeway's 'Tolerated' video.

Admit it, when you first heard Girl Talk and Freeway were dropping a joint EP, you didn't know what to expect.

Neither did we, but now that we're getting closer to the April 8 release date of Broken Ankles, we're learning that the genre-bending producer and former Jay Z protégé not only make awesome music together, they also made the most GIF-worthy music video of all time.

On Monday, the Pennsylvania duo released the video for "Tolerated" and it is amazing. GT and Free walk down the street putting down haters and beating the living crap out of people "Mortal Kombat"-style. And if that wasn't enough, they threw Waka Flocka Flame and a funky-looking buzzard into the mix.

OK, maybe the most GIF-worthy title is debatable, but after watching Free rip somebody's head off and Girl Talk shoot it into a basketball hoop, do you really want to deny these guys?

Check out our GIFs from "Tolerated."

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