EXCLUSIVE: 'Justice League' Movie Still A Possibility, Says Director... Just Not Anytime Soon

Clearly fans want to see what would arguably be the Holy Grail of comic book flicks, "Justice League," but given all of the news lately regarding a possible "JLA" flick being delayed indefinitely, should we even bother getting our hopes up? Attached director George Miller thinks so...just don't hold your breath.

"I’m still attached to the film," said Miller in an exclusive chat with MTV. "Warner Bros. is waiting to develop the other characters a little bit and then bring 'Justice League' together. After the success of ["The Dark Knight"], it's well known that they will develop the other characters and then bring them together in 'Justice League'. That’s a fair way down the track."

Miller has long been the voice of a "Justice League" film, always there to remind DC-ites that it's indeed still alive and that he is still on board to direct (even when news outlets say that he's not), but it looks like Warner Bros. and DC Comics are officially following Marvel's model of releasing single-hero movies that would build up to an ensemble film.

In any event, be sure to keep it tuned to Splash Page for more on Miller and "Justice League" as it's announced.

Would you like to see "Justice League" happen? Are you patient enough to wait until Warner Bros. releases solo-films on its possible members?