Blake Lively And Friends Tell Us Their Favorite Age ('Of Adaline')

What age would you stay forever?

In "Age of Adaline," in theaters today, Blake Lively's character is literally hit by lightning. On a magical, snowy night, her car is struck by a bolt of electricity from above, and a complex (and as yet undiscovered) scientific reaction occurs, stopping Adaline (Lively) at the tender age of 29. She lives on, unchanged, through the years.

At the premiere of the new movie, MTV News caught up with celebs -- including Lively herself -- and asked them what age they would stay forever, if they could choose.

While Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn said she wanted to be just a year younger -- 29 to her current 30 -- and others had their answers nailed down, Lively wasn't quite so sure yet.

"I don't have an age yet, because they've all sort of been awkward," she said. "I hope one day I'll be able to proudly say that was a really good age and I'm proud of who I was then, but for now it's all sort of like, I feel like an oversized puppy in a living room made of china."

"Age of Adaline" is in theaters now.