Kanye West Explains Why His 'White Voice' Comes Out

By Jason Brendler

Kanye West's big news this week is that he's now engaged to Kim Kardashian, but he recently sat down with The JV Show on San Francisco’s Wild 94.9  radio station to discuss a few topics that have been buzzing on the internet...including the "white voice" that comes out in some situations.

Ye discussed stunts such as bringing a “White Jesus” on stage during his Yeezus tour, along with the whole concept of naming his album Yeezus to begin with--and that's because Jesus is one of his biggest heroes. “People want to be like Mike, I want to be like Christ,” said Kanye.

However, what was perhaps most intriguing was his idea of putting on a “white voice” in certain situations. The Chicago native explained that when he gets invited to certain dinner parties he wonders, “Are they inviting you because they really want to be a part of what I’m doing or are they inviting you so they can laugh at your teeth and ask you a million questions?” referencing his bottom grill, made of all gold and diamonds.

He explained that in some of those cases, the "white voice" or job interview voice comes out, also noting that it’s not as much about race as it is about class.