'The Walking Dead' Just Revealed Dwight’s Big Twist

The Savior is about to play a much bigger role on the show

Warning: Major spoilers below for The Walking Dead Season 7's penultimate episode, "Something They Need."

After a long week of theorizing who the mystery man carrying a crossbow was at the end of The Walking Dead's March 19 episode, the show's latest episode has confirmed fans' suspicions. No, it wasn't Daryl (Norman Reedus) who Rosita spied on. Instead, it was none other than Dwight (Austin Amelio), a loyal member of the Saviors. Or, so we're led to believe.

The end of the episode revealed that Dwight wanted to betray Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) to help Rick Grimes and Co. win the impending war. And you can't blame the guy. Negan burned Dwight's face with an iron, "married" Dwight's wife, Sherry, and made constant references to screwing her brains out on the regular. Yeah, I'd want to betray him, too.

Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead

Both Amelio and TWD boss Robert Kirkman teased Dwight's betrayal during the show's panel at Paleyfest on March 17, where Kirkman advised fans to "Read the comic!" In the book's Volume 18, What Comes After, Dwight entered the Kingdom and told Rick, Jesus, and Ezekiel he would gladly help them fight against Negan. Unsurprisingly, Rick was skeptical, punching Dwight in the face in typical Rick fashion. On the show, he shoved a gun in Dwight's face and ordered him to "get on [his] knees." Welp.

The shit will truly hit the fan on the Season 7 finale, and if the series continues to follow the storyline of the comics, we can't wait to see Negan's fate play out onscreen for our viewing pleasure.

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