Porter Robinson Has Some 'Emotional Sh--' On 'Worlds'

DJ talks about his departure on his new album.

Fans of Porter Robinson know that the 22-year-old DJ has been trying something new this year. With each release off of Worlds, it's more and more clear that he's ditching his signature grandiose tracks for music that's soft but full, and quiet but clear.

This is no coincidence. When Porter began the process of making the album, his goal was simple: "I challenged myself to try to do stuff that was goose-bumps-inducing -- without being too blown out," he told MTV News. "I had to teach myself to write really beautiful melodies but smaller sounds."

With harps, bells and other delicate sounds, songs like "Sad Machine" and "Sea of Voices" are exactly that -- smaller but beautiful.

Porter Robinson explained that, for him, size was always a challenge. "I would always go big, I was always trying to write the biggest instrumentation possible." Once he realized big and beautiful don't necessarily go hand and hand, his work scaled down, and 'Worlds' was born. According to Porter, it's the "emotional sh--."

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