Did Kylie Jenner Rip Off This Makeup Artist?

All signs are pointing to ‘yes’ 😬

Kylie Cosmetics fans were thrilled with the reveal of her 2016 holiday collection, but makeup artist Vlada Haggerty was unimpressed.

Haggerty claims that a new promotional shot for Kylie Cosmetics is a direct rip-off of work she posted to her popular Instagram account months ago. And, well, as they say, the proof is in the pudding. Or in this case, the proof is in the gold créme eyeshadow.

This isn’t the first time the makeup artist has suspected Kylie is sourcing her work for inspo. BuzzFeed reports that last year, Kylie reposted a pic of Haggerty’s work without credit, leading to speculation that it was a picture of her own metallic lip kit. But the photo was actually an effect that Haggerty created by mixing a variety of products.

There was further speculation that Kylie’s signature dripping lip logo was inspired by Haggerty’s work.

Kylie has yet to comment on the accusations, but she was discussing the topic of fakeness in general on Twitter last night ...

Hopefully this all gets resolved graciously. Come on, Kylie! Haven’t you learned imitation isn’t always the most sincere form of flattery?