Waka Flocka Says He Doesn't 'Care Nothing' About Being A Lyricist

In October, we debuted our coveted Hottest MCs in the Game for 2010 and Waka Flocka, our #8 MC, is still a hot topic of conversation. On Friday (December 17), the Brick Squad MC talked to Jenny Boom Boom of Hartford, Connecticut's 93.7 radio station about his ranking.

"I thought that was a lyrical list. I thought all the lyrical rappers were supposed to be on that list," Waka said, of his initial surprise on being included. "But you know I'm good, as long as I make hits and money, I'm straight. When I got on that list I said, ‘Oh yeah, I’m gonna sit back for two hours, watch some blog sites and see how many haters I get.' "

But the MC didn't get the reaction he expected.

"I got more good comments," the Brick Squad rapper said. "A lot of people was like 'Eh man, your work showed dog,' you know how it go ... I personally don't feel like I'm a success, I'm not successful yet. All my friends ain't got it all yet, I ain't fed my fans right."

Finally, after a bit of prodding, Waka had to admit his good fortune this year.

"It's success, I'm not ungrateful for it but successful for me is to be calling like five or six other label mates like 'Aye, where ya'll at? I'm over here,' " Waka said. "Me with six or seven other businesses going, that's better."

When asked about his reaction to his making the list - he told MTV News "Come on, man, I never thought I'd be on something like that" — Waka defended himself.

"I said that was a lyrical list, meaning since I'm not lyrical I wasn't supposed to be on that list," Waka clarified. "People commenting [on MCs that] should be on that list, I ain't hear no music from them folks in months and I ain't hating on nobody. I'm just keeping it gangster. I don't talk for the past, I talk for the present. So don't talk about how such and such used to rap back in the day and I can't mess with such and such, 'cause you was in diapers when such and such was rapping. I'm popping now. You can hate on me all you want but I'm popping."

Then the interview became comical the rapper was asked if Waka wished he were "a more lyrical rapper?"

"What? No," Waka said. "Nope, I don't care nothing about it. If I don't get better than that's just what it is."

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