'1917' Wins Big At The Golden Globes Before Most Audiences Can Even See It

'I really hope this means that people will turn up and see it on a big screen'

World War III has been trending pretty steadily for the past few days, but on Sunday (January 5) the Golden Globes brought World War I back to the headlines. 1917 took home the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture: Drama at the 2020 ceremony.

The news may be a bit of a head-scratcher for casual moviegoers. The film, which was shot in such a way that it appears to run through a single continuous take, was technically released on Christmas Day — but only in 11 theaters nationwide. Director Sam Mendes noted the film’s wide release is scheduled for January 10, meaning a lot more people will be able to scramble to the theater to see what is sure to be a huge contender throughout the rest of awards season.

“It’s difficult to make movies without big movie stars in the leads and get people to come and see it in a cinema, and I really hope this means that people will turn up and see it on a big screen, for which it was intended,” Mendes said — which was perhaps a subtle nod toward the three Netflix films competing in the same category: Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman, Marriage Story, and The Two Popes. Festival darling Joker was also nominated.

This was the second Golden Globe win for 1917; Mendes was named Best Director not long before the top prize was announced. Critics have been praising the film for its sweeping visuals and powerful storytelling, despite minimal dialogue.