The '3 Ninjas': Where Are They Now?

When we last checked in with the peculiarly-named trio of Rocky, Colt and Tum-Tum, known to most as the "3 Ninjas," they were busy saving some Native Americans from a company dumping toxic waste in the third installment of the classic "3 Ninjas" movies,  "3 Ninjas Knuckle Up." (If you believe the film's Wikipedia page, they not only saved the Native Americans, they also saved "the rest of society." Great job, guys.) That was way back in 1995, which is (quick math, uses fingers) a solid 18 years ago.

The three actors who played the transcendent roles — Michael Treanor as Rocky, Max Elliott Slade as Colt, and Chad Power as Tum Tum — have largely stayed out of the spotlight since the movies debuted. But what are they up to these days? What are they doing with themselves? What do we hope they are doing with themselves? And why weren't they at least in one of the "Expendables" movies?

Let's find out!

Michael Treanor ("Rocky")

The "3 Ninjas" Glory Days: Treanor was cast as oldest brother / pre-teen heartthrob "Rocky" on the strength of being a black belt in karate when he was 12 (he had no prior acting experience) ... and as someone who took karate for four years until he got to green belt and then became disinterested, that's positively insane for that age. This was the mid-'90s; looking back, wasn't Treanor just Jonathan Taylor Thomas except he could also beat the s**t out of you if he wanted? I mean, yeah, JTT had the looks, but you were always pretty sure that you could take him provided you took care of yourself / had downed a few Mountain Dews. Treanor was a real-life miniature Street Fighter. No wonder Emily wanted in on that.

What's he doing now? The "3 Ninjas" movies were sadly the last-ever acting gigs for Treanor, and we've already covered why that's really ridiculous ... though reports indicate that it was by choice, as he apparently did not enjoy the lifestyle that comes with acting. (You only had a career because Michael Treanor WANTED YOU to have a career, Jonathan Taylor Thomas.) Though he continues to practice martial arts, he doesn't do it for a living; legend has it that he works in the financial services industry in Washington, D.C.

What do we hope he's doing now? "I'm sorry, Mr. Phillips, you only got $284 back in taxes. But please, enjoy this spinning round house kick for free." (Performs spinning round house kick to raucous applause. He bows.) "Say hi to Maggie and the kids for me."

Max Elliott Slade ("Colt")

The "3 Ninjas" Glory Days: As opposed to Treanor, Max was an actual actor, which I'm sure he reminded Treanor every day before Treanor showed him his black belt and Max said something like "Okay bro, I was joking, relax, jeez." The bowl-cutted wonder boy had made his film debut three years before "3 Ninjas" in "Parenthood" and went on to star in "Apollo 13" as Tom Hanks' military school son who is periodically shown sadly watching the static-y coverage of his father's doomed moon mission (instead of drop-kicking the television and threatening everyone in the room).

What's he doing now? "Apollo 13" was it for ol' Max in the acting department, and he has since had to live the rest of his life dropping that he's one of the 3 ninjas and was Tom Hanks' kid in a movie in ice-breaking "2 Truths and a Lie" games when he's started various office jobs. The Pasadena, CA native earned a degree in anthropology from the University of Southern California and currently teaches yoga classes in his hometown, but it should be noted that he has headshots as an adult on the Internet, which would lend credence to the notion that he's about to try to make a comeback. But being a child of the '90s, he'd probably tell you not to call it a comeback and that he's been here for years.

What do we hope he's doing now? "Okay guys, now we're going to go into what's called a downward dog ... good ... and feel the stretch of your hamstring muscles, located on the back of your thighs right here ... feel that burn ... that's great, right? Okay now we're going to transition into a SPINNING ROUND HOUSE KICK!" (Performs spinning round house kick to raucous applause. He bows.) "That's it for now. See everyone next week."

Chad Power ("Tum Tum")

The "3 Ninjas" Glory Days: Aside from his Oscar-nominated work as Tum Tum in the "3 Ninjas" films, and unlike his co-stars Treanor and Slade, Power was not averse to the occasional television acting role with turns in "Baywatch," "Step by Step" and "E.R." In an attempt to keep up with the career of his on-screen brother Slade, Power even starred as Viggo Mortensen's kid in a poorly-reviewed movie called "Ruby Cairo" in 1993, which is almost as cool as being Tom Hanks' son in "Apollo 13." Chad was 7 (7!) when he took on the Tum Tum role, so you might say that he was kind of a big deal in first grade.

What's he doing now? The most active of the three on social media (or at least the easiest to find), Chad serves as an assistant high school football coach at his alma matter in Camarillo, CA, at least according to his Facebook profile — this after playing football for four years at California Lutheran University, where he reportedly majored in "telling girls he played Tum Tum in '3 Ninjas' no really I have the DVDs back at my dorm if you want proof." Another fun Power fact: His most recent tweet was a retweet of the "@YesSheWantsTheD" twitter account, which stated, "Gas is $4 a gallon and girls still think we're coming over to just 'chill.'" I know, brah. WTF.

What do we hope he's doing now? "Are you kidding me, ref? That was a late hit! Our quarterback got rid of the ball like three seconds before he got decked! Where is the f***ing flag? (sighs) That's it." (Approaches ref, performs spinning round house kick to raucous applause. He bows.) "Personal foul on me." (Exits stadium to cheers.)

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