Rixton's 'Me & My Broken Heart' Video: Never Gamble $10K On The First Date

Watch the video premiere of Rixton's "Me And My Broken Heart."

Rixton bring the intrigue in their playfully intense new clip.

There are many first-date dos & don'ts out there, like "Don't talk about your exes" or "Try to mask how impossibly neurotic you are until it's too late for them to back out." With Rixton's new video for the very Songs About Jane-esque "Me And My Broken Heart," feel free to add "Never agree to gamble $10,000 on a game of poker while confined in a scary warehouse." (Please tell us you knew that already, oh my God.)

Each of our MTV Artist To Watch faves gets duped by a different con artist, who, upon closer viewing, might actually be the same woman after a big ol' wig-splurge at Party City. (#Twist #ICanRelate) What appears to be an instant attraction turns out to be a scam, if only the pop-R&B group could see it.

Anyway, while guitarist Charley Bagnall, drummer Lewi Morgan, and keyboardist/bassist Danny Wilkin all fall for her game, lead singer Jake Roche double-crosses her double cross and rescues the U.K. band's, uh, bandz. Guh, our blood is pumping right now from all this thriller action. Anyone wanna watch "The Pelican Brief"? "Ocean's 11"? "Double Jeopardy"? You know where to find us.

+ Watch Rixton's "Me And My Broken Heart" video, and buy Rixton's Me And My Broken Heart EP on iTunes.

Photo credit: Interscope

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