If Horror Movies Were 'Goosebumps' Novels

The witching hour is approaching fast, people, 'cause it's Halloween, and that means tonight the costumes will go on and once that spiked apple cider starts flowing, all inhibitions will probably soar right out the door. Will it be a treat? That totally depends.

'Til night falls, though, how about a little holiday-themed movie-to-book trickery to tide even your spookiest inner demons over?

Presenting the If It Were Stine series from the wicked wizards of Tumblr (via Laughing Squid), a reimagination of some of horror's biggest classics as R.L. Stine's "Goosebumps" novels.

You remember "Goosebumps," don't you? They were those boo-tastic little novels from the early '90s that had you convinced your pet bunny was really a vampire or that up in the attic hid a haunted mask that would take over your face. Adorable stuff, really.

And now, thanks to these fantastic mash-ups of some of cinema's scariest stories with the fright source of your childhood, we've got a double whammy of delicious evil on our hands this All Hallows' Eve.

Let's start with this reinvention of "Poltergeist" as "The House that Torment Built." Check out that descriptor: "Carol Anne is in grave danger, and time is running out." You'd read it, and you know it. Go into the light!

Goosebumps Poltergeist

For the modern crowd, here's a fun redux of the movie that redefined all horror movies, "Cabin in the Woods." How oh how would all those monsters be described in print? It'd sure be fun to find out.

Goosebumps The Cabin in the Woods

This new iteration of "A Nightmare of Elm Street" would surely give anyone bad dreams. 'Cause you'd have to imagine Freddy Krueger, and once something like that gets incepted into your brain, it's hard to forget.

Goosebumps A Nightmare on Elm Street

So "The Shining" is already a book, but this variation would seem to put prime focus on REDRUM creeper himself, little Danny Torrance, rather than his psycho pop. That alone could be freaky enough to justify a new take.


Finally, we have "Halloween" because duh. It had to happen.

Goosebumps Halloween

Hit Tumblr for more of these spirited crossovers.

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