Never Fear, 'Gotham': Heroes Are On The Way

They'll be the heroes Gotham deserves, but not the ones it needs right now.

Things look pretty grim for "Gotham," even in its early days. Villains are gathering, the mobs are warring and even the city's one good cop, future Commissioner James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) is having trouble staying on the side of angels.

But don't worry, Gothamites: heroes are on their way.

That's what MTV News found out when we caught up with the cast of FOX's hit show at New York Comic-Con. With so much focus on the villains - and they're great ones, from Penguin, to Catwoman, to the upcoming serial killer Zsasz - what about the heroes? Sure, we've got Gordon, but the young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) won't be Batman for another, say, 12 seasons or so.

"There's no choice for people but to take law into their own hands when you can't trust the law," executive producer Danny Cannon said. "When the lunatics start to run the asylum, the strongest lunatic will win."

To find out what McKenzie, as well as stars Donal Logue, Robin Lord Taylor and Erin Richards have to reveal about the upcoming influx of vigilantes, watch above.

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