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Video Director McG Returns To Big Screen

Making music videos doesn't seem to be cutting it anymore for McG.

After a successful first-time stint with last year's "Charlie's Angels," the acclaimed director of videos by Sugar Ray, Korn and Smash Mouth has put three major motion pictures on his plate.

First up is the Naval thriller "Dreadnaught," described as a "'Top Gun' at sea" flick by McG's producing partner, Stephanie Savage. After the film's completion, he'll begin work on the sequel to "Charlie's Angels." Next, McG will direct and co-produce the actioner "Airshow," about two ex-Gulf War fighter pilots who eventually square off in a dogfight above Chicago. McG is currently working on the script with co-producer Savage.

The recent onslaught of big-screen work won't mark the end of the director's video career, however. Although he doesnít have any plans to direct videos in the near future, Savage says her partner is committed to staying active in that sector of the music world.

The director will also assist friends Sugar Ray with their upcoming album (see [article id="1436004"]"Sugar Ray Head For The Studio"[/article]).