There Will Be MORE Bloodshed: 'Scream' Renewed For Season 2

That means more mystery, and a LOT more murder.

Get ready for more shrieking and screeching courtesy of the Lakewood crew: "Scream" is coming back for Season 2! And you know what that means: more freaked-out faces, similar to the ones below:


MTV's popular slasher series has been renewed -- and with the horrific killer still at large in the spooky town, there's sure to be more murder and mystery haunting Emma and company.

But before the new season kicks off, we still have plenty of questions about this one. The most pressing: Why the hell is Mayor Maddox dragging what appears to be a corpse? On a more cheerful (if that's possible) and romantic note, is Em going to end up with all-star athlete Will or the mysterious Kieran? What the heck is Brooke's hookup buddy, Mr. Branson, hiding on his computer? Are super sleuths Noah and Audrey getting any closer to cracking the case? Who will be the masked murderer's next target? And perhaps most importantly, WHO IS SLAUGHTERING ALL THESE TEENS?

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