Will 'Ex On The Beach''s Murray Hook Up With Cheyenne Or Cory -- Or Both?

He says he has feelings for the two -- despite a rumored boyfriend back home

Well, this is "awkward as f*ck."

During tonight's Ex on the Beach episode, Murray is stuck living with two former flames: OG single Cheyenne and his fellow What Happens at The Abbey cohort Cory Z. And, as is almost always the case on this series (save for Farrah and Simon), old emotions re-emerged for Murray.

"I have feelings for Cheyenne, and I have feelings for Cory Z, which makes it awkward as f*ck," he confessed.

And yeah, it was. One incident: Cheyenne grew increasingly frustrated that Murray, who was sitting with Cory on the couch, would not come to bed with him.

"You should be here for me if you really are here for me," a pissed-off Cheyenne declared.

But Murray resisted the Fire Island star's invitation and admitted he would rather sit by himself with a cocktail (except Cory was right next to him on said furniture) -- and that sent Cheyenne into a stomping craze looking for his cigs.


Eventually, Cheyenne and Murray squashed their spat, but the latter was hesitant about the former's "crazy emotional up and downs."

Later, he tried to get a read on his connection with Cory. But behind the scenes (actually, a solo interview), Cory wasn't exactly believing that there would be any sort of future between the two.


"I don't know what's to come," he explained, while adding he definitely felt a spark with Murray. "But when this is all over and we go home, Murray's going to go right back to his boyfriend. That he lives with."

Annnnnnnnd scene. But, for the time being, they are all on the beach together (without the aforementioned gentleman named Nick). So will Murray wind up with Cheyenne? Or Cory? Or will he have hookups with both? Or neither? Give us your take on Murray/Cheyenne/Cory, then and keep watching the trio next Thursday at 8/7c.

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