Snooki Heads Back To The Gym SIX DAYS After Giving Birth

Just thinking about it makes us want a nap.

Nicole Polizzi is quite possibly made of steel. The "Snooki & JWOWW" star remained fiercely dedicated to keeping up with her fitness throughout her second pregnancy -- she was even hitting the weights and cardio machines at NINE MONTHS -- so we figured she'd take a long rest once the baby was born. We were so wrong.

While most women who just gave birth would balk at the thought of doing any sort of exercise -- after all, labor can feel like you're being stabbed in the uterus -- this superguidette is getting right back into her gym routine less than one week after welcoming her daughter Giovanna Marie into the world. Please excuse us while we spit out our chocolate bar.

"6 days postpartum," the "Jersey" gal captioned the Instagram selfie below showcasing her post-baby body. "Still have a long ways to go, but working out throughout my pregnancy has definitely helped my body snap back quicker and recovery time more faster!"

Snooki's Instagram


Mama, you look fabulous. We're in awe of your commitment to staying fit and healthy, not to mention your dedication to your growing fam. Now go reward yourself with a nap and bowl of ice cream.