The Weeknd Really, Truly, Loves Being Single On 'Heartless'

To his old flames, he's good!

The Weeknd's back with a few things to say! His new release, "Heartless," is now out, and boy if it isn't a statement to fans and old flames alike. The Weeknd's enjoying being single so much that he's practically laughing in your face, giving you a detailed breakdown of what he does during his free time. It's a song that fuels toxic energy, so resist the urge to leave everyone on read after hearing it.

"Heartless" is what happens when, after a few rounds at the bar, you call your ex into a bathroom stall to let them know that you're better than ever. You look at the phone as you chuckle into it, pointing at the screen while delivering jolt after jolt of electric lines. The Weeknd sounds sharp and acutely furious on the track's sinister instrumental that sprinkles malaise over its bountiful bass drums like steak seasoning. It's a nice change of pace from his mellower sound, giving him the chance to really hone in the fact that he's good. And if there's any wonder as to if he'd settle down anytime soon, he snuffs it out with a boot on the chorus: "Trying to be a better man, but I'm heartless/Never be a wedding plan for the heartless."

The Weeknd's new jam for toxic singles is his first release since his 2018 EP, My Dear MelancholyCombine that with the fact that his last full-length album, Starboy, came out in 2016, and it's easy to believe that there's going to be another album in the near future. And if you want another fresh Weeknd fix, the singer has teased a new song, "Blinding Lights," that appears in a new Mercedes Benz commercial.

Earlier this year, The Weeknd released "Power Is Power" with SZA and Travis Scott for For The ThroneMusic Inspired by the HBO Series Game of ThronesHe also collaborated with Gesaffelstein for "Lost In The Fire."

Check out The Weeknd's celebratory single anthem "Heartless" up above.

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