'Teen Mom 2' Sneak Peek: Jenelle Tells Her Friend Tori That She And Nathan Want A Baby

Just two months into her new relationship, Jenelle is positive she's found a soulmate in Nathan, a part-time model with a child of his own. The couple's quick decision to move in with each other raised many "Teen Mom 2" viewers' eyebrows, but their next plan of action is bound to really get people talking. In this sneak peek of tonight's episode, Jenelle and her friend Tori meet up for lunch, and just as soon as their sodas are served, Jenelle drops a bomb: She and Nathan are planning to have a baby. Tori, who's initially rendered speechless, expresses many reasonable concerns, but there seems to be no stopping Jenelle.

"Don't you want to be with Nathan for a while to see how things go?" Tori asks after picking her jaw up off the floor. Jenelle responds that she's ready for the responsibilities of a second child, and that even though she vowed not to have kids after her recent abortion, Nathan has opened her eyes to new possibilities. "A lot has changed since I had Jace," she says. "I'm in a really, really good relationship, and then I'm's not like I'm sixteen having a baby anymore. I'm almost twenty-two." Facing potential jail time doesn't seem to dissuade Jenelle, either -- she says that if she winds up pregnant and imprisoned, it's just something she'll have to deal with.

Check out the clip, and tune in to "Teen Mom 2" tonight at 10/9c.

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