Taylor Swift Gets Into 'Trouble' During Brit Awards

Swift performs 'I Knew You Were Trouble,' showing off her dance moves to the audience, including her ex, 1D's Harry Styles.

Taylor Swift got her groove on in a major way for her Brit Awards performance of [article id="1695892"]"I Knew You Were Trouble."[/article] Her extra-loopy rendition of the Red track amped up its dance influences to 10, and Swift got sexier than ever during Wednesday's (February 20) performance. She took the opportunity to show off some dance moves to the A-listers, including ex and [article id="1702258"]One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles[/article], who gathered at the O2 Arena in London for the big show.

Swift kicked it all off flanked by fire in a white geometric gown. As the song continued, she was joined by dancers in Renaissance costumes. Besides conjuring fire, snow fell down on her during the song.

As the performance continued with all its dancer-filled madness and Swift sauntering around the stage, her gown was pulled off to reveal a sexy, body-hugging black leotard, and her hair was released from its prim bun. From there, the hair tossing kicked into high gear, and the song broke down into a massive dance break, with Swift shaking her hips as the song's dubstep and EDM influences reached heightened levels.

The track's tempo sped up as it neared its end, and Swift pushed down a male dancer who made an advance on her. She must have known he was going to be trouble. When the song was over, Swift posed with a sassy look on her face.

"That was really good," British pop superstar Robbie William said afterward. "What a great tune."

Swift was up for one award at the show. Earlier in the night, she was nominated for International Female Solo Artist, but lost to Lana Del Rey. "I live here, and I love it here, and I wrote my record here. I'm honored," the dark-haired chanteuse told the room, thanking her colleagues for helping her turn her life into a work of art.

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