Drake Bell Made The Best 'Drake & Josh' Pun About Chrissy Teigen’s Fun-Dip Fiasco

He made it five days too late, so let’s blame Megan

Right before the Grammys, Chrissy Teigen suffered a serious fashion faux pas: She accidentally dyed her hand green after eating Fun Dip with her fingers. Thankfully, she didn't end up cosplaying as the Incredible Hulk at the awards show, but her plea for help in un-dyeing her hand definitely did not go unnoticed.

While fans started suggesting she dye her whole body green, à la Elphaba from Wicked, Drake Bell had a suggestion of his own — five days too late, I might add. The former Nickelodeon star was quick to make a Drake & Josh pun that's so spot-on, I'm upset I didn't think of it first.

On the Season 4 episode "Mindy Loves Josh," Megan (Miranda Cosgrove) zaps Drake's hands and feet with some questionable chemical, dyeing his extremities a Hulkish green. To "fix it," he has to soak the affected areas in lizard urine. Naturally, fans were quick to continue the joke.

At least Teigen will know what to do next time she loses a battle with Fun Dip.

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