Fun Lovin' Criminals Talk Vintage Blues And B.B. King

The Fun Lovin' Criminals shot a new video for "Korean Bodega" over the holiday weekend, as the song is still slated to be the first U.S. single from its just-released album, "100% Colombian." The New York trio has already released a pair of singles in Great Britain -- for "Love Unlimited" and "Big Day Out" -- as the new Criminals record was actually available in the U.K. several months prior to being issued here in the states.

It was while the band was in England promoting its 1996 record, "Come Find Yourself," that FLC found itself approached by legendary guitarist B.B. King, who lends some nimble guitar work to one of the new cuts off "Colombian," entitled "Mini-Bar Blues." MTV News recently caught up with Fast and Huey of the Fun Lovin' Criminals, and asked them about working with the vintage blues man -- and his guitar, Lucille.

[article id="1444524"] "We met B.B. King a couple of times,"[/article] Huey said, [article id="1444524"]"he gave us

an award in England from some magazine there. He was like really cool and I think we kinda hit it off with him a little bit. He's really funny and he's almost the closest thing to holy that I've kind of met, you know.

And he actually offered [to work with us] at one point,"[/article] Huey continued, [article id="1444524"]"and he went, 'You know boys, if you need Lucille and me to come down and play on anything, just let us know. So, of course, we're like, "Well, can we let you know right now? Yes. That'd be great. You know, when are you available?' So, it worked out where he was in Chicago and he couldn't get to us in New York, so we sent him a tape, he did a little thing and sent it back." [28.8 RealVideo][/article]

In related "guest appearance" news, the Fun Lovin' Criminals themselves turn up on two songs, "Get in the Car" and "When It All Blows Over," on the new Echo and the Bunnymen record, which is expected to arrive in the import bins in March.

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