'Teen Wolf' Winter Finale: What's Next For The Residents Of Beacon Hills?

Life seems pretty quiet for Scott and crew -- and we know 'that' won't last for long

Don't freak out, Teen Wolf diehards -- that wasn't the end (yet). Because to be honest, we briefly lost our cool until producers assured us that more is absolutely coming (10 more episodes, to be exact.)

Whew. Now that we've got that covered, what in the actual hell?! The way the winter finale ended, you'd think all of the supernatural problems in Beacon Hills have been perfectly handled and tied up with a lovely little bow, ending with Scott, Stiles and Roscoe riding off into the sunset.

Stiles is finally safe, and Stydia is a thing now. The guy formerly known as Mieczyslaw is headed to George Washington University to study pre-FBI, while (genius alert!) Lydia will be starting at MIT as a junior. Scott is headed to UC Davis. Liam is essentially taking over as the new Scott (told you), with Mason being dubbed the new Stiles, baseball bat and all. Heck, Stiles even GAVE AWAY HIS JEEP.

Last we heard, it seems another dead body was found in the woods, taking us all the way back to the series premiere. But other than that, what's left to tackle? As Stiles gazed out over the BHHS student body, he said, "They still need us." To which Scott replied, "They'll always need us."

True that, you two. There's the small fact that while Mr. Douglas has officially joined Ghost Rider territory, the dark cowboys are still on the loose. Sure, their precious train was derailed, but you never know, right? Supernatural baddies always seem to have a way of rearing their ugly heads again and again. And while Peter Hale certainly seems to have turned over a new leaf, he's still Peter Hale in all his untrustworthy glory. Samesies for Theo. There's also the small fact that Scott and Co. haven't even graduated, and Malia still has summer school for that matter.

They can't go their separate ways yet...can they? Comment with your theories, and stay tuned for the second half of Teen Wolf Season 6 -- aka the final season EVER.

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