Sarcastic BFFs Anna Kendrick And Aubrey Plaza Are In A Movie Together, Ahhhh!

We can't WAIT to see their instagrams.

Usually, when casting news hits, we get psyched. We're pumped to see whoever outrun explosions or fall in love or whatever they're set to do, but we know it's going to be at least a year or so before we see all this coolness on the big screen.

When we heard about Aubrey Plaza joining the cast of "Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates," however, we knew gratification would be more immediate and Instagrammable. See, Plaza is going to co-star alongside sarcastic bestie Anna Kendrick, and the duo have a history of broadcasting their hilarious friendship to the world. We're sure we won't have to wait too long for the coolness to begin -- after all, Kendrick expressed her excitement with a mischievous pic and a suggestion for an alternate title for the movie: "Alice and Tatiana Will F--k Up Your Wedding."

Check out some of our favorite moments between Kendrick and Plaza, including their exciting announcement.

This stone-cold announcement pic and title suggestion.


A bird-flippingly good time, captured by Kendrick.



Quite a messy time riding shotgun.

A poised portrait, but something tells us there's something more going on.

The one time they "ate healthy" and "were adults."

This blurry, joyous dancefest at Sundance.

The one time they had a running thing about turning Kendrick into a turtle, because duh.

This rainbow-hued inspirational poster, basically.



This cry for help.

And, a bonus. Just consider this one a word picture:

Can't. Effing. Wait. To see these two have the time of their life all over the internet while they make this movie.