Your ’90s Boyfriend Is ‘Finally Ready’ To Make 'Casper 2'

Devon Sawa wants to bring the Friendly Ghost back to life (heh)

It's been over two decades since we first watched Casper (Devon Sawa) dance with Kat Harvey (Christina Ricci) and creepily ask her, "Can I keep you?" It seems every ’90s kid fell in love with the friendly ghost's human form from Casper, and now Sawa is ready for more magic. To use a Danny Phantom pun, Sawa wants to "go ghost" again.

Late last night (January 26), Sawa tweeted, "Alright, I know it's been awhile.. but I think I'm finally ready to do a Casper sequel." One fan was quick to joke about how the film came out 22 years ago, and Sawa shouldn't "just rush these kinds of things."

Then, less than 10 minutes later, Sawa retracted his statement, writing, "Actually I'm not ready for Casper 2. Good night." Huh?

He later decided he was back onboard. Make up your mind, Devon, sheesh.

Clearly, Sawa was in a nostalgic mood, because the father of two also hit up Pretty Little Liars showrunner Marlene King about a potential Now and Then sequel. The film was released the same year as Casper and also included a kiss between Sawa and Ricci.

H/T Just Jared