Justin Bieber, The Wanted Fans Camp Out In Rain For Friday Shows

'He's the only person I'd sleep on the ground for,' one Belieber tells MTV News two days before 'Today' show concert.

NEW YORK -- A little rain couldn't stop die-hard Beliebers and fans of the Wanted fans from camping out to snag front-row spots for their fave acts.

On Wednesday afternoon (June 13), approximately 50 Justin Bieber admirers staked out territory outside Rockefeller Center, gearing up for Bieber's 'Today' show performance -- two days from now, on Friday morning.

Meanwhile, several blocks away, a handful of fans also laid out their sleeping bags outside the Best Buy Theater in anticipation of the Wanted's ticketed Friday night show.

MTV News caught up with fans today, they told us a little rain wouldn't hurt because they came well prepared with sleeping bags, umbrellas and jackets, including a pair of sisters from New Jersey were third in the line for Biebs.

"We came to the 'Today' show last November, but we were way, way in the back, so we got out front this time," Hayley, 17, said. "And we're going to see him this time because he's amazing and beautiful."

Still, the continuous rain and cloudy weather was making it less than ideal for camping out on the New York City pavement. "The rain has been a big issue because I really don't like getting my hair wet, honestly, but everybody here has been pretty good," she added. "We just have umbrellas, because we're not allowed to have tents."

When it comes to using the bathrooms, the fans were getting creative. "We use the bathroom in the parking garage where our car is," Hayley noted. "We don't really have anywhere else to go, so we go wherever we can get in."

Yasmin, 13, was using Twitter to pass the time ... and keep constant updates on Justin. "While we're waiting for Justin, we're basically on Twitter, reading his tweets and everything." A valuable way to pass the time, considering Bieber tweeted just today that he'll be bringing along a special guest for his NBC appearance.

Another way fans were passing the time was to make friends with their fellow fans.

"All the Beliebers are here, it's kind of like one giant party in the street, so it's been good," Amanda, 15, said."When he comes out onstage, it's just going to hit us and he's just going to be right there, like, practically singing to us," she gushed. "He's my idol; he's the only person I'd sleep on the ground for, for two nights."

Meanwhile, a few blocks away at Times Square's Best Buy Theater, about half a dozen Wanted fans from Staten Island (who already had tickets) waited with coloring books, in hopes of making sure they'd be in the front row. The Wanted fans seemed a bit luckier than Bieber fans in that they had an awning to camp out under. "The rain it's been all right. We've managed, we have umbrellas, sleeping bags, coats, everything, so it's been pretty OK," Melissa, 24, said.

"It's worth it because the energy they provide onstage is worth being front row, I don't know how to describe it, it's a different feeling than if you were in the back," Melissa further explained.

When asked how she'd feel when the guys finally take to the stage Friday night, she smiled, "We'll feel relief. Relief and excitement."

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