Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong Is A Washed-Up Ex-Punk In This Exclusive 'Ordinary World' Clip

And Fred Armisen’s a total dick — in, like, a funny way

Billie Joe Armstrong plays a washed-up musician in his leading-man debut, Ordinary World — a coming-of-middle-age dramedy that follows ex-punk Perry (Armstrong) as he shakes up his relatively boring existence as a family man and embraces his rock star roots for a night. How does one break up the tedium of everyday life in the 'burbs? By renting a fancy hotel room in the city for your 40th birthday! What could possibly go wrong, right? Basically, imagine if Green Day suddenly became irrelevant and Armstrong was nothing more than a lame dad with terrible judgment.

In this exclusive clip from the film, Fred Armisen helps ring in his friend Perry's birthday the only way he truly knows how: by publicly humiliating him and calling him a sellout in front of a whole bunch of people he may or may not know. Fun times!

Ordinary World hits theaters, Digital HD, and On Demand on October 14, 2016.