Chance The Rapper Is The Field Trip Chaperone You Wish You Had

Chance The Rapper knows how to lead a field trip.

Chance The Rapper just surprised Chicago youth yet again.

You might recall, the MC shocked audiences when he brought Kanye West and Vic Mensa out during an open mic event for high schoolers. Then, he wowed a hometown crowd again when he brought Kendrick Lamar on stage at Teens In The Park.

This Tuesday (Jul. 7), Chance gave kids an opportunity to visit Chicago's Field Museum, personally chaperoning the trip himself.

The MC shared the adorable and heartwarming video above on Instagram, proving yet again how dedicated he is to providing kids with awesome, positive experiences.

"We some scientists," Chance wrote in another Instagram post. This one was also dope - a shot of the children in front of a dinosaur. I mean, has anyone had a better field trip chaperone, EVER?

And don't worry. The MC will continue surprising kids (and donating art supplies).

Keep surprising the kids, Chance. We know they won't forget these experiences.

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