Alex From Target Is 'From Target' No More

Alex Lee updates us with a new YouTube video.

No offense to Kim Kardashian and her oiled-up booty, but our fave Internet-breaker from 2014 was a hard-working, floppy-haired teen who bewitched the world with his stellar paper-bagging skills.

Yep, you surely remember Alex Lee, a.k.a. #AlexFromTarget, who blew up thanks to a single creep-tastic photograph:



But what happens after you become a viral Internet sensation? Do you go on slaving away at your part-time department day job?

Heck no, you don’t. Alex is way too famous for that ish, so he’s moved on to bigger and better things -- and apparently working at Target isn’t one of them.



Before you mourn the devastating loss of Target's cutest and most famous employee, rest assured that Alex has very good reasons for leaving his red polo in the dust. Specifically, he has five reasons, which he’s revealed to the world in this lovely YouTube video.

To recap, Alex’s life is pretty busy for these five gloriously random reasons:

1. He’s going on tour.

For what, I’m not exactly sure. Maybe he’ll give us a live demonstration of his shelf-stacking techniques and name tag placement?

2. He has merchandise coming out.

So now you can proudly show off your love for Alex. Obviously, the shirt is red.

3. He’s going to be in “a major music video.”

I’d personally like to see him show up as the guy with the “James Dean daydream look" in his eyes in Taylor Swift’s “Style” vid.

4. He’s making his own music.

“I have been practicing SO much for you guys. I’ve been singing constantly,” Alex assures us. Whether or not he has a good voice is still TBD, but he’s definitely got that Austin Mahone look down. I’m praying he can dance too.

5. He’s going to be in a movie.

He says it's a true story about cystic fibrosis. So basically, the dude’s a legit triple threat.

Oh, and Alex also promises us he’s also going to be posting a new YouTube video every Saturday to keep us updated on his super busy life.

Good luck with all your random endeavors, Alex, and please keeping riding this fame out for as long as you possibly can.

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