Watch Kristen Wiig And Bill Hader Slowly Realize This Reporter Hasn't Seen Their Movie

Because there's no full-frontal nudity in 'The Skeleton Twins'.

Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader are starring in a new movie together called "The Skeleton Twins" so naturally, they've been doing a lot of press for the film. But when they spoke with Daybreak's Chris Parente things took a turn toward awkward.

While most reporters interviewing the two actors about the movie have done their homework—by you know, actually watching the movie—Parente's on-camera interview went awry when it became apparent that the journalist knew almost nothing about the flick.

Over the course of the interview it seems like he needs a few details filled in here or there, but then finally he asks Kristen about a scene from a different movie which results in utter confusion for both her and Bill.

The fact that his question involved full-frontal nudity just adds to the awkwardness. Unfortunately for him, Parente was thinking of Kristen's other film "Welcome To Me" but when she tells him that, he finally has to admit that he hasn't seen the movie at all.

For anyone else who might not know, "The Skeleton Twins" is a drama that played at Sundance and the Toronto Film Festival to excellent reviews. Apparently, the two Saturday Night Live alumni can pull off serious as well as funny.

Luckily, all three of them laugh it off at the end of the interview. Watch the awkwardness unfold below:

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