'Challenge' Of The Heart: Should Jenna Give Zach a Second Chance?

The two are having some serious chemistry -- all over again

A Challenge romance for the ages — shared by Zach and Jenna — eventually caved in on itself as powerfully as a black hole. But now that the chaos has subsided, should they give things a second shot?

On tonight’s Invasion of the Champions episode, the Champion and the Underdog — whose love story began on Exes II — found themselves back in their old routine, and talked and flirted as if their relationship had never fallen apart. Still, some of Jenna’s housemates urged her to remember that sometime between the filming of Bloodlines and Invasion, Zach wronged Jenna and hung her out to dry.

Jenna had reservations too.


“Being here with Zach definitely is a little awkward just because we haven’t talked in such a long time, but it’s really easy to fall back into that pattern,” she said. “We have so much history. He’s the biggest sweetheart out there, and the connection’s there."

Zach copped to his wrongdoing, which may have included cheating, according to Jenna.

“I am a horrible boyfriend,” he said. “I just don’t think I have the attention span or something. I don’t know. Something always seems to go wrong mentally. It never works out.”


“I messed up, I ruined it,” he added. “But I’m not nervous, because Jenna and I have very compatible personalities…she’s the best person I’ve ever been with. I missed her.”

From the outside looking in, Laurel couldn’t see how Jenna would even entertain the possibility of reconciliation.

“Zach and Jenna have chemistry,” she said. “They’re always going to want to be around each other, but he completely dogged her on national television, blocked her phone number and completely dropped her -- and all she did was love him. It’s not right for him to lead Jenna on.”

“When is Jenna gonna learn?” Camila added. “Zach is no bueno.”

What do you think — should Jenna give Zach a second chance, and does Zach seem like he’s matured enough to treat Jenna more respectfully? Or should Jenna keep her distance and has Zach proven he can’t be trusted? Share your thoughts, and see where these two end up on the next Invasion episode Tuesday at 9/8c!