Video Premiere: Danko Jones, 'Full Of Regret' With Elijah Wood, Selma Blair & Motorhead's Lemmy (!!!)

Danko Jones are veteran hard rockers from Canada. They've obviously accrued some good karma over the years, and it all seems to have paid off in this one video for their jam "Full Of Regret."

I mean, how else do you get Selma Blair, Elijah Wood and Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead to star in your music video? And how else do you make said music video look like it cost millions of dollars?

Their "Full Of Regret" video, directed by the Diamond Bros., is like an action-packed noir film. Everybody's in some pretty ace classic automobiles, Selma Blair puts on a wig, Lemmy seems unsatisfied with a couple of different people, Elijah Wood takes his time to put on a hitman suit and members of Danko Jones are interrogated by a cop rocking an eye patch.

It's one-part "Sabotage," one-part Guy Ritchie, one-part Quentin Tarantino -- and it's pretty much a blast from start to finish.

"Full Of Regret" is on Danko Jones' Below The Belt album, out now.