Anna Kendrick: First 'Twilight' Star With An Oscar Nomination

With Kendrick going for Oscar gold, we look back on her meteoric rise -- and our predictions that she'd be the first out of the 'Twilight' cast to be nominated.

On Tuesday morning (February 2), Twilighters all over the world woke up to a new reality: One of their own is an [article id="1631023"]Oscar-nominated thespian[/article]. In Stephenie Meyer's world, something tells us that Jessica Stanley wouldn't be able to stop talking about such an exciting development; in real life, however, Anna Kendrick is a bit more modest.

"I am thrilled beyond words to be nominated with these talented and inspiring women," the ebullient 24-year-old actress said in a statement after learning she had been nominated as Best Supporting Actress for her role in the George Clooney drama many consider to be among the best of the year. "Being involved in a film as special as 'Up in the Air' was a dream come true. I am overwhelmed and honored by this nomination and am so grateful to be able to share this experience with George, Vera [Farmiga] and [director] Jason [Reitman]."

Years ago, we wrote extensively about how the "Twilight" cast seemed like one of those rare families of stars who could head off in different directions and [article id="1593042"]impact Hollywood for decades to come[/article], "Dazed and Confused"-style. But even we couldn't predict that it would happen so quickly -- or that their first Oscar nomination would go to ... a human with only a handful of lines in each film?

Apparently, you guys couldn't predict it either. In November, we teamed with Fandango to [article id="1625849"]poll "Twilight" fans[/article] and one of the questions asked was which saga star would be the first to win an Oscar. The results? Robert Pattinson won with nearly half the vote, while Anna got ... 1 percent. Awkward!

Moments after she did earn the nod for the first possible golden guy for Twilight Nation, Anna responded by doing something very new-Hollywood: [article id="1631047"]She posted to her Twitter account[/article]. "I'd love to say that 140 characters couldn't cover how I'm feeling right now," she wrote. "But I'm honestly speechless."

We hate to say we told you so -- but Twilighters will remember that we not only broke the news this film was being made, but [article id="1601975"]predicted an Oscar nom for Anna more than a year ago[/article]. From when she landed the role to her [article id="1621605"]appearances with the film in Toronto[/article], to the "Up in the Air" premiere where the [article id="1627277"]buzz continued to swell[/article] to the [article id="1629661"]Golden Globes[/article], we've followed Anna's rise to Oscar-worthiness every step of the way. She'll continue to be [article id="1629370"]someone to watch[/article] and someone you can't help but root for.

"I'm trying, man," Anna told us recently when asked about dressing up so beautifully -- reminding us once again that she'll never let her head get too big. "You should see my apartment; it's still a nightmare! It's such a painful irony to try and scrub up like this, to look very put-together and elegant."

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