Kanye's 'Yeezus' Pop-up Shop: Take A Peek Inside!

MTV News took a shopping trip to Kanye West's new Los Angeles pop-up shop on Monday.

Kanye West is a product person, but the rapper/producer has also made his way delivering one-of-a-kind experiences to fans. 'Ye's current [article id="1715872"]Yeezus Tour[/article] is full of them -- there's his mountainous stage prop, Jesus Christ representation and his punk-inspired merchandise -- and they're all up for sale at his new Los Angeles pop-up shop.

On Monday (October 28) MTV News sent a reporter to the Yeezus Tour pop-up shop which sits at 8422 Melrose Avenue, right next door to his Kardashian [article id="1715949"]family-in-law[/article]'s boutique Dash. The outside of the shop is completely white, making it impossible for passersby to see inside from the sidewalk. Once inside, Yeezy aficionados can find the same merch that the rapper sells inside the arenas he's performing at.

The front part of the space is spacious and clean, keeping up with the same minimalist theme that 'Ye has been championing during the promotion of his Yeezus album. The merch that sits in the back of the store, however, give off a punk rock and/or metal vibe.

A confederate flag stitched with the words "I Ain't Coming Down" hangs above a red dirt bike. The same theme appears on $35 T-shirts shirts with skulls and a list of the 25 cities that Kanye will hit on this current tour run. There are also confederate themed tote bags which fetch $20.

If the confederate theme isn't your thing, Team 'Ye offers other looks. One T has a picture of the grim reaper holding a bouquet of roses, and another shows a skeleton draped in a traditional Native American headdress with the words "God Wants You" written across the bottom.

While just about anything Kanye puts his name on is sure to fly off the shelves, diehards want to get to the store soon, it will only be around until Wednesday.

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