Nev Schulman And Max Joseph Honor 'Catfish' And Friendship With Matching Tattoos

The Internet detectives debuted some clever body art.

Solana and her longtime MySpace crush Elijah experienced immediate sparks after meeting for the first time on last night's "Catfish" episode. And while she ultimately chose to be with her boyfriend Danny, Solana and Elijah got complementing lion tattoos on their shoulders to remember their special journey together.


Nev Schulman and Max Joseph refrained from getting their own ink on the show, but apparently the super sleuths had a slight change of heart after filming: Last night they showed off some coordinated (yet, okayyyyy, phony) tats on Instagram.

Nev Schulman's Instagram

Nev Max Tattoo

"#BFF," Nev simply captioned the snapshot of the grinning cat (on himself) and the serious-faced fish (on Max). Get it...?! Pretty clever, guys -- you're officially Siamese twins!

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Photo: Pamela Littky