Drake's Infatuation With Skylar Diggins Went From 0 To 100, Real Quick

It's SkylarSZN ya'll.

If we're being real here, Drake probably has very few issues shacking up with the women he's interested in (unless you count Rih and Nicki), but it seems like he might have one current crush that's a little out of his league, if you will: WNBA player Skylar Diggins.

Diggins is a star basketball player for the Tulsa Shock, who signed a deal with Jay Z and Roc Nation management last year, and she also happens to be very attractive.

Talented and gorgeous? It's no wonder that Drake can't get enough, and it's obvious because he won't stop talking about her, posting photos of her, and even sharing videos about her.

Skylar's boyfriend Daniel Smith even had to step in and let Drizzy know what's good, so let's take a look at his Stan moements. It's SkylarSZN, and he won't let anyone forget it.

February 2014: When you're madly in love, what else is there to say, 'cept "Amen."

May 2014: Three months later, Drizzy's still at a loss for words, and the only thing he can say, again is "Amen."

May 2014: Less than a week later he followed with another photo, captioned "SkylarSZN."

May 2014: Maybe that last post really annoyed Skylar's boyfriend, because he made sure to direct this one @champagnepapi the following day.

June 2014: Drake says he was feeling a bit "down" for awhile, but when he recovered and stepped out, of course he was sporting Diggin's #4 tee on his back.

Apparently Drake was crushing so hard that people started to get at him about it, and his boy OB OBrien came to his defense. In a series of four -- yes, four -- Instagram videos, OB goes on to speak on behalf of his famous friend. Sorry Drake, but this cover up didn't work.

OB venting about SklyarSZN Pt. 1: "You wanna be verbal bullies to my dawg Champage, when the fact is -- he's a fan of how she plays the game." Uh huh.

OB venting about SkylarSZN Pt.2: "Is she an absolute top goddess just draped in Dri-Fit? That's for you to decide. We like how she plays the game, and she handles herself like a lady." Oh, is that all?

OB venting about SkylarSZN Pt.3: "What's the worst that's gonna happen bro? You think Chamapagne's gonna what -- fly her private to some fancy island with an NBA regulation court and weight-training facilities?" Yes, actually, that's precisely what we've come to expect from Drizzy.

OB venting about SkylarSNZ Pt. 4: And this one, well, just watch and see.

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