Here's How Waka Flocka Is Joining The Fight Against Ebola

Every little bit helps.

Health care workers are facing more than a few hurdles in their battle to combat the deadly Ebola outbreak that's sweeping across Africa, and countries like Liberia and Sierra Leone have been hit particularly hard.

A lack of electricity in the West African nations has made battling the disease even more dangerous, and now Waka Flocka Flame is teaming up with WakaWaka, to help deliver portable solar-powered lights to these countries.

Camille van Gestel, the CEO of WakaWaka, started a kickstarter campaign to raise enough money to send lights and medical packets to health care workers on the front lines. The company has already surpassed their initial goal of $70,000, hitting the $240, 000 mark earlier this week, and with Waka's help, hopefully pledges will skyrocket.



"This simple yet brilliant idea can literally bring people out of the dark in parts of the world that are indeed suffering,” Waka said in a statement. “Join me in celebrating the type of innovation that helps change lives for the better. If you're down with Waka Flocka, contribute now to WakaWaka!"

If saving lives isn't incentive enough, the ATL rapper is giving fans who pledge money a chance to score free concert tickets, drop in on his next video shoot, and even meet him for some one-on-one time.

To donate to the WakaWaka Kickstarter fund, visit

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