Sam Smith Dances His Ass Off In 'How Do You Sleep?' Video

Plus, a sad robot and a biker shredding a half-pipe

Sam Smith's grand return is here with his new, futuristic video for "How Do You Sleep?" There are robots here, bicycles shredding half-pipes, and a massive, complex choreographed routine performed by Smith himself and an array of dancers. It feels like a celebration of sorts, set to the backdrop of a wounded song about deception and slow heartbreak. These contrasting sides come together for a brilliant visual that reaffirms Smith's place as one of pop's biggest voices. And he can dance, too!

When "How Do You Sleep?" starts off, Smith is down in the dumps, destroyed mentally, and wasting away. The song finds Smith dumbfounded at his partner's audacity for unfaithfulness and mystery; he repeatedly wonders how they could even live with themselves by treating him the way that they do. In the video, he has to be dragged into action and removed from a chair before he realizes who he is and how powerful he can be.

What follows is an amazingly complex dance routine that he follows with an array of supporting dancers that comes out spectacular. Smith understands the fierceness that comes from the face and he continuously serves looks as he matches the dancers' movements with relative ease. It wraps up with a robot in a dark room and a half-pipe with a biker practicing some moves. It's a mental escape for Smith that may not make sense, but the ridiculously amazing dancing will keep you too hypnotized to even think about that.

Smith collaborated with Normani on "Dancing With a Stranger" earlier this year. His last studio album was The Thrill Of It All, which dropped in 2017. It looks like he's dancing his way towards a new LP.

Watch the new video for "How Do You Sleep?" up above.

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