'The Shannara Chronicles' Poll: Who Was This Season's MVP?

Amberle may have saved the Ellcrys, but she had a whole lotta help.

It's a wrap.

The very first season of The Shannara Chronicles ended Tuesday night with an epic bang: Amberle managed to revive the Ellcrys just before the Dagda Mor and his army of demons overthrew Arborlon Castle and, in the process, she saved all of The Four Lands.

But throughout her quest to Safehold and back again, the princess had a whole lotta help -- and that begs the question: Who was this season's MVP? Was it Amberle herself or one of her fearless friends? Read on for our list of the top candidates -- then vote for your pick in our poll at the end!



The half-human, half elf was initially reluctant to join the quest to save the Ellcrys, but once he accepted his destiny (HELLO, he's the last son of Shannara), there was no stopping him: Brandishing his magic elf stones, he obliterated demons, trolls, guardians of the Bloodfire and anything else that got in his way -- and even used them to resuscitate a dead-as-a-doornail Eretria (elf stones = mini defibrillator). Ultimately, Wil completed the mission that was solely his from the very start, aka getting Amberle to Safehold and back to Arborlon Castle in one piece. Plus, as evidenced a handful of glorious times, he looks really good without a shirt.


Alistair Guthrie


The mind-reading, self-healing druid proved to be the definition of "bad-ass" in the show's premiere when he decapitated a flying demon that was swooping down on Amberle and Wil. In subsequent episodes, he rescued Amberle again from both the Changeling and Cephelo; he also saved Ander's hide a couple of times, preventing a going-bonkers Bandon from filleting him and then making sure the Dagda Mor didn't doom Ander like he did Arion (RIP, Prince) and Eventine (RIP, King). And all along, he was an encyclopedia of knowledge, explaining the origins of the Changeling, the Blade of Warlock and more. Allanon's tour de force: He was the one who finally killed the dreaded Dagda Mor (no RIP for you, Dagda Mor, you were a total bastard).


Alistair Guthrie


Remember that time Eretria first met Wil and prevented him from becoming a troll's lunch? Or when she saved Amberle from Cephelo's clutches by freeing her from the rover camp? How about when she jumped on a zip line and risked her life to rescue Wil and the princess? Or when she wielded a gun like a pro and saved her pals from bad-guy Ty? We could go on and on, but Eretria's importance reached a whole new level once the trio arrived in Safehold: Her body acted as a map that led to their final destination and she realized that is was HER blood -- and her blood alone -- that could unlock the Bloodfire. After impaling her hand on a rod to offer her plasma, the bad-girl-turned-good performed yet another act of selflessness: Eretria stayed behind to fight off the trolls, enabling Wil and Amberle to escape and make their way back to Arborlon. 'Nuff said.


When the handsome prince was forced to assume the throne, he didn't exactly handle it well (blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol) -- but he soon found his footing thanks to positive reinforcement from Allanon and constant chants of "All hail King Ander!" from his army of elves (gave us goosebumps every time). We knew he had cajones when he finally 86'd the Changeling; we realized he had leadership potential when he formed a crucial alliance with Slanter and the gnomes, then composed a strategic battle plan that successfully helped ward off the demons until Amberle could return to Arborlon. And finally, he looks so damn good in those black pants.


Alistair Guthrie


Amberle obviously had a special bond with the Ellcrys -- hell, it TALKED to her -- but the princess' connection to the tree and her role in healing it went deeper than we thought: Turned out, she didn't need to find a resuscitating seed -- she was the seed. When Wil's crush discovered her true calling -- and what she'd have to give up to to save The Four Lands -- her first reaction was a great big, "Oh HELL NO." But eventually, Amberle accepted her destiny and did the only thing that could revive the Ellcrys: surrender her mortal life to it. Let's break this down: Girlfriend became a tree. And there aren't many sacrifices bigger than that.

+ Who do you think was this season's biggest hero on The Shannara Chronicles? Take our poll, then explain your choice!

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